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LT Series two-stage compressors are suitable for systems that require high compression ratio, low temperature cooling systems and heat pumps where high temperature is required. Its most important features are high efficiency, reliability and compact main line.

There is no need for an external solenoid valve or accessory, thanks to the automatic discharge slide valve in the 2nd stage. This feature ensures that the compressor is not overloaded at the beginning.

1. The optimized cooling path in the engine provides sufficient cooling effect to the engine.

2. Internal filter in economizer port.

3. Built-in discharge muffler effectively reduces vibration and noise.


Temprite specializes in energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators, oil reservoirs, drier housings, liquid receivers, suction accumulators and refrigerant oil management products for all refrigerants, including traditional and natural refrigerants: ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), and hydrocarbons (HCs).

Refrigeration units work best when they are clean and operating at maximum efficiency: You save money and reduce your carbon footprint.  Temprite refrigeration components are engineered for maximum efficiency and performance and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

With Temprite products, your system will:

·         Perform at maximum refrigeration

·         Consume less energy

·         Emit less carbon

·         Provide the highest possible return on investment